During weeks three and four, I have been heavily delayed on progress for thesis because of other commitments and projects. However, during one of our classes, Parth decided to start drawing 3D objects using Illustrator, and created a cute little island with a low-poly tree.


Although he thought of this as one of his doodles, he saved it out and gave me access to the file. From there, I was able to experiment with digital painting and add texturing to the 3D drawings. I wanted to make visible effects on the paintings. Playing with my own painting style, I decided to go with a dabbing technique. This allows us to create a paper-like texture, which worked in our favour.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 1.42.46 AM.png

I sent this version (shown in the image above) back to Parth, where we then added particle effects, a vignette effect, and sun shafts to get a richer effect from the textures. After a bit of colour correction, we arrived at our first concept art that we plan to stick with for our thesis project.


After this process, we started working on more concept art. In this time, Parth drew up a character for our game. I was sent the first iterations of the character. I proceeded to fix up some of the points on her shoulders and belt to fix up the perspective, as Parth toned down the sharpness of the colours. From there, we had our first character design.


After completing the drawing, I went ahead to texture paint the image. I started with the head of the character.


I eventually finished texturing the whole character, and once that was completed, Parth and I went back into the effects and colour correction to generate our character concept art.

Fleeva (1).png

From there, I continued to texture more of Parth’s drawings, modelled some 3D objects, and started to look into how to do texture mapping to recreate this style in a 3D environment.



During this time of creating concept art, I started to look into my literature review to search for articles that may have some relationship to emotions and/or dynamics of games. However, my search came to an abrupt stop due to scheduling, but I also looked into reference arts to figure out the feelings of the game. To keep references in one place, Parth and I started using Pinterest to group all of the arts we found together. Parth and I also had a chance to talk about the initial story of our game, and the possible mechanics we could use. Although at this point of time, we were not able to come up with too many mechanics, but we were able to finalize a small start-up story of the game. The character’s friend used to take care of a beautiful forest island. However, the friend passes away one day. The island, mourning the loss of a friend, starts to decline and wither away. The character tries to nurse the island back to health, self-discover herself, and obtain flowers for her friend’s burial.