During week 10 and 11, I continued to work on the island. Trying to used assets I had already made for the scene has proven difficult due to the lack of assets that conveyed damage, broken, or sadness. While I was suggested to stop asset creation and to think about how to use colour to set the environment tone, I had a very hard time visualizing without assets during week 11. Due to the lack of work I was producing, I opted to go back to modelling assets to help me brainstorm the possible concept arts and moods on the page.

I started with the tree. Trees in the past has proven to be a challenge for me, as I’ve never 3D modeled an object that had so many small parts going in different directions. After intensively researching low-poly trees, I modeled a tree without leaves, shown below.


Upon completing this tree, I decided to make some branches to go with the tree. The idea was to make the island look as malnourished as possible. However, in attempt to making branches, my partner pointed out to me that it looked like a better version of a tree.


I changed the scaling of the tree, and started to use this as the tree instead, as my partner was accurate in his statement. At this stage, I felt more confident in the style that we were trying to go for, and decided to add more branch assets to the scene to make the island more interesting. I started looking into branch structures and other nature concept arts, and decided to make natural arch structures. I also animated these arches to bend back upwards to signify that they were growing once again.


(Edit: These branches were not used in the end product on week 12)

I started revising some of the assets I previously had at this point, as time was starting to cut short. Originally in the previous scene, I created a cut off low poly stump. However, that stump looked more like it was chopped off rather than breaking due to old age of the tree. In order to fix this, I added spikes on the circumference of the stump, as shown below.


The stump was very low in poly, and did not match the rest of the style in the end. In the end, I decided to start building another stump.


(This is the in-progress work of the stump).

After creating all of these assets, I decided to stop creating more assets to focus more on the game scene, and to work with my partner on the mechanics of the game. From there, he requested that we had one brittle tree that can be shaken (on the iPad). the tree should show that it will collapse after the iPad has been shaken. I originally decided to make the finalized tree we had brittle. Due to the amount of branches it had and the complexity of the tree, I decided to break the first tree I have created, and animated it falling down.

These assets generation took the entire week to complete. In order to speed up the process, I went back to Unity to start generating the scene.