In week 11 and week 12, I worked closely with my partner to tie in a concept scene together. During this time, we both constantly gave each other feedback on our tasks and tried to improve it before our user-testing session. At the same time, we were able to request for items from each other by working beside each other. During this time, I made some final edits to the trees I have made in the previous week, and added and animated low-poly bush-like leaves to the trees. Originally, we wanted to have these bushes grow back on the tree as the user navigates around the world, to portray that the island is healing because the user is taking care of it. However, due to the ample amount of time we had left by the time we implemented the trees, we can to leave them inanimate.  branchy-tree-full

After completing some of the assets, I started creating a concept island for our game. I started by importing some of the cameras and lighting we already had in previous scenes. I then proceeded by importing the dead trees I had made in previous weeks, and changed the colour of the land and skies. After a few fixes, the scene looked like the image below.


Once I got the colour palette going, I laid out a scene using the assets I had. This was the most challenging part for me, since I had a hard time imagining the space without the character being in it. Due to this, it took me two full days to play and work with the assets to create a scene.



At this point, we needed some interface/UI feedback so that players know they are interacting with the scenery. I started to play around with some particle systems, and added them to the interface, and changed the flower’s lighting colour to add to the particles.



The dirt particle was created by Parth. Since the dirt patches did not have the effects before, I had to replace them with the ones Parth made in the game. s2

After creating particle systems for the interactive parts, I started creating some parting systems for the environment. The end result of those systems created a strong windy effect, and rain effects (seen as streaks down below. The lightning flashes too quickly for a render).

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.00.05 AM.png

The last part of my task was to implement a tree falling down when the iPad is shook. The idea of this is to show that there are consequences to the actions made by the user, and there’s no way to reverse it. All the player can do is move on and make the best out of the consequences.



When the scene was completed, I started sorting out sounds that could be used in our game, and sent them to Parth for implementation. These sounds were found during week 10 (which I forgot to mention). I took the rest of the time off to see if Parth needed help with implementing mechanics.