After the DF Open Show that took place during week 8, I proceeded to attend class and spent a week and a half devoted to my research document. I decided to start writing all of the parts I thought I would be able to complete within a day. These sections included the introduction of my thesis, chapter 3 (Thesis description, prototype description, relation to research, and design methodology), user testing 1-3, and future work. Some of the conclusion I made for the user testing section differed from Parth’s, but we decided to document our own findings, as our professor suggested. I also reformatted my table of contents and deleted/added sections where I thought was appropriate.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 8.57.40 AM.png
Table of Contents

During class, one of my thesis professors introduced us to Brian Massumi’s “the Autonomy of Affect”. Due to the scope of the reading and comprehension, I did not have enough time to mention this paper in my research with the time I had. However, I did spend one day trying to read Massumi’s paper, and see if would fit into my research. When I figured that it would not be completed in time, and that I was already over the word limit, I proceeded to complete the contextual review and literature review sections of my paper. I spend the rest of the days editing to cut my word count down to the limit.

If I were to state one regret about my document, it would be that I didn’t spend enough time reading flow and affect theory. These two readings would have possibly strengthened my thesis further. I hope to read it in the future as my thesis progresses.